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    About the company

    BELT TRADE company is a supplier of components for conveyor equipment:
    — official representative of world manufacturers: Lapua, DBC, Optibelt, Chiorino, Junkkari, Vulkan (SPK-Styk)
    — supplier of city-forming enterprises of 12 cities in Russia.
    We have been working since 2007 and we know the products of various manufacturers. Therefore we will help you compare options and find a solution for your tasks.
    Working with us:
    will quietly go home. Or on vacation. And will receive his well-deserved prize for uninterrupted work production.
    Supply Specialist
    Will be sure that the documents are in order, everything
    necessary is delivered, the mechanics are happy, and
    production works. And in a half year, and after a few years
    everything will be the same, without rush jobs and
    force majeure. And of course with a prize.
    Will assess the economic efficiency of chosen solutions.
    We will establish contact with suppliers and mechanics and will not let your plant's heart stop
    Check Belt Trade reputation:
    Belt Trade Company LLC
    TIN 3810017720
    Tel.: 8-3952-93-14-14
    Official representatives certificates
    Lapua Chains
    SPK Styk
    Our team

    Address: 20/2 Traktovaya Street,office 1-3
    Evgeniya Pidgurskaya
    Sales department manager
    Alexey Naumov
    Chief marketing officer
    Dmitry Bayev
    active sales manager
    Roman Gurin
    active sales manager
    Vladimir Marchenko
    supply specialist
    Vasily Bodyak
    supply specialist
    Dmitry Naumov
    Chief executive officer
    Konstantin Naumov
    active sales manager
    Denis Demichev
    active sales manager