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    Leaders technology

    Our company was established in Irkutsk in 2007

    is a family business.
    During the first year, I went around the Irkutsk region and realized that the industry needs high-quality components for conveyor equipment.

    The volume of work grew rapidly, and I offered my brothers Alexey and Sergey positions of chief marketing and chief financial officers.

    Our father Konstantin Mikhailovich took over the work at the warehouse and the delivery of goods. Recently, my son Konstantin joined us, he is a specialist in the tender department. Now the company employs 12 people, including 5 representatives of three generations of our family.

    And we are personally responsible for the quality of the company's work!
    Dmitry Naumov,
    Belt Trade CEO
    Alexey Naumov
    Chief marketing officer
    Dmitry Naumov
    Chief executive officer

    We are the official representatives of companies that manufacture products in accordance with international standards.

    We meet standards

    We are the official representatives of companies that manufacture products in accordance with international standards.

    We meet standards
    Serious approach

    We supply conveyor equipment components to the city-forming enterprises of 12 cities in Russia. We are the official representatives of the world's best brands.

    Official dealers
    The most favorable terms of delivery
    We adapt to our clients
    We complete the warehouse according to your needs
    Prompt managers
    We respond and prepare documentation quickly
    High technical competence
    We conduct equipment audits and seminars for mechanics
    We evolve for you

    We are constantly looking for the best solutions and entering into partnerships with market leaders so that you have a wide selection.

    Became the official representative of Chiorino
    Became the official representative of Optibelt
    Became the official representative of SPK Styk
    Became the official representative of Lapua Chains
    Became the official representative of Junkkari
    Became the official representative of DBC
    Volume of supply
    Why is Belt Trade better than deliveries from a factory?
    We aim to find the optimal product for you
    We are always in touch and quickly resolve issues
    We have a warehouse and immediately send popular products
    Selection from assortment of different manufacturers
    We provide all documents in a convenient form
    We examine and take into account your needs
    We work even with small orders
    They work only for a specific order
    Limited assortment
    You will have to sort out a bunch of documents
    No individual approach
    You can buy only in large quantities
    They aim to sell goods from their own assortment
    They often work inflexibly and not expeditiously
    Supply as a service

    There is no staff turnover in our company. Therefore, our personal managers are truly personal. We will remember your tasks and will be there when needed. Belt Trade is for a long time.

    To a supply specialist
    To a director
    We will deliver the goods on time and will not let you down

    We will agree on the order details with the mechanics in order to avoid inaccuracies in the delivery

    We will provide certificates so that you can make sure that the product is original
    To a mechanic
    We will help you understand the assortment and new products in order to choose the best solution

    We will provide information on the service life so that you can schedule replacement and order spare parts on time

    We will tell a supply department or a manager why the chosen solution is optimal
    We will help you improve production efficiency and avoid downtime, so that you save time and money

    We will find what you need to complete your tasks, rather than what will help us get super profit

    We will become a reliable partner for a long period, so that next time you don't waste your time on searching
    Professional help
    We are always ready to help. Read answers to popular questions, articles and reviews on the site.
    Have a question? Write to us:
    We reduced the number of spoilage on the line
    Completed projects
    The chief mechanic of a cosmetics production plant contacted us with a request to reduce the number of spoilage on the line.
    We went to see the production and inspected the plastic containers production line. A PVC conveyor belt with cross-sections was installed on it. These profiles did not have any reinforcement and over time they began to break off and enter the raw materials. It caused the spoilage.

    We suggested installing a belt with reinforced profiles, which are made of a thicker belt and have a reinforced cord in their structure.
    Such reinforcement excludes profile breakage and their falling into raw materials.
    Our managers
    are always online and ready to answer your questions.
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    Chiorino conveyor and flat belts
    DBC roller chains
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    Vulkan butt joints
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    Lapua conveyor chains
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